S.N. Title Group Published Date
1. Annual Report of Provincial Policy and Planning Commission, Gandaki Province, FY 2075/76 Books 2020-02-12   View file
2. Sustainable Development Goals Baseline Report, Gandaki Province, 2076 B.S. Books 2019-12-22   View file
3. Mid Term Expenditure ... Book Books 2019-07-10   View file
4. Approach Paper Books 2019-07-10   View file
5. Status Paper of Gandaki Province (2075 BS) Books 2019-01-21   View file
6. Initial Document for Five Yearly Planning Books 2018-12-05   View file
7. उपाध्यक्षज्यूको प्रस्तुतीकरण- विकास सुचकको अवस्था र चाल्नु पर्ने कदम सम्बन्धमा Books 2018-12-18   View file