Dr. Subash Adhikari


Subash Adhikari is a member of the Provincial Policy and Planning Commission, Gandaki Province. Adhikari has appointed as a member by the cabinet decision of the Government of Gandaki Province on 4th  July 2021 AD. He was from Myagdhe, Tanahun. He has completed his Bachelor’s degree in microbiology from Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus, Kathamndu, and master’s degree in microbiology from Bangalore University, India.

            Despite getting several opportunities for pursuing a Ph.D. in India, he returned to Nepal and started the teaching profession at Janapriya Multiple Campus, Pokhara. He worked as the Head of Microbiology and Biology department in Janapriya Multiple Campus, TU (2011-2012), and Program Coordinator of Science in Janapriya Multiple Campus, TU (2012-2016). He also worked as a member of the library development committee and sports committee in Janapriya Multiple Campus, TU. He has a total of ten years of experience as Lecturer and Assistant Professor at Janapriya Multiple Campus, TU.

 Later, he was awarded the Chinese Academy of Sciences-The World Academy of Sciences (CAS-TWAS) scholarship for Ph.D. study in the Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ITPCAS). He went to Beijing in September 2016 for his Ph.D. degree and completed it in July 2020. He also received an Excellent International Student Award 2020 from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2020. His research work in Ph.D. addresses the atmospheric pollution and isotopic characteristics in the northern and southern sides of the Himalayas (2m-5000m elevation) i.e., Bangladesh, Nepal, and China (Tibetan Plateau site). His findings in Ph.D. support building south Asian cooperation for transboundary air pollution issues.

Dr. Adhikari has published several research papers during his teaching as well as after being enrolled as a Ph.D. student. He has several publications in international index journals and national peer-reviewed journals. Furthermore, he is also fond of writing informative and scientific newspaper articles. He has published several newspaper articles related to the environment, health, and various social issues.

He is fluent in English, Hindi, and Chinese Language, and is an expert in using software i.e., ArcGIS, SPSS, PAST, Origin, HYSPLIT, and R-programming. He is also an Expert in conducting fieldwork for air, river, lake, and sediment sampling for environment and